“Project FIRE teached me something I can do with my life. It kept me from the streets. It had me doing glass. It put money in my pocket. It kept me from doing stupid stuff, and start doing fun, smart stuff.”


“My name is Lynquell. I was raised on the south side of Chicago I have been in a traumatic experience. I started participating in the SELF group for a little while my social worker asked me did I want to try glass blowing. I said sure so after a while I got there I started putting my everyday struggle and feelings and turned them into art pieces.”


“My name is Myron Nathan and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I attended Paul Robeson High School but I am attending Jane Addams High School this year and I am in the 11th grade. I’m 17 years old and my favorite subject in school is reading. My favorite basketball team is GSW and my favorite music artist is Lil Uzi Vert. Project FIRE is important to me because it allows me to create new art that I worked hard on, and that has meaning to me.”


“I’m from the south side of Chicago. I was a victim of gun violence when I was 16. I got interested in an opportunity that my friend Roberto brought to me about a job. I developed a liking for the craft, I took a chance, and here I am.”


“My name is Marcco I was born and raised from north side of Chicago Cabrini Green I was a just a minor who was experienced to gun violence.  I was introduced to Project FIRE from a good friend who is the co-creator of Project FIRE. After a while participating in the program I expanded my skills in art and appreciate the opportunity since then”


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Roberto – Peer Leader

“Project FIRE helped me because it slowed me down from being reckless all the time after I got shot. It helped me learn that there’s more things than just being out in the streets. You can do something that you’re good at and have a future. Wanting to get better so I can be successful as an artist in the future helps me stay out of the streets.”

Roberto was one of seven young artists selected from across the U.S. to attend the 2016 Expanding Horizons Program at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY with Teaching Artist & Mentor N’Kosi Barber.

N’Kosi Barber – Teaching Artist & Mentor

“People saw some talent in me from my drawing and got me to try other kinds of art. Doing something different from what I had always done showed me there was other possibilities and saved me from the streets. Now I work as a teacher and mentor trying to give younger people the same experience that I had.”

Brad Stolbach, Co-Founder of Project FIRE, Director of Healing Hurt People-Chicago
Pearl Dick, Co-Founder of Project FIRE, ArtReach Artistic Director
Hope England, Trauma Intervention Specialist and Group Facilitator
Marine Tempels, Development Director for ArtReach
Karen Reyes PhD, Executive Director of ArtReach
Kate, Intern
Eva, Photographer and Webmaster