Expanding Horizons and a Documentary

Hello readers, long time no talk! Much has happened since I last wrote a blog post.

First off, Roberto, N’Kosi, and Pearl attended a program at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY called Expanding Horizons, and Roberto was given the opportunity to create a piece, pictured below.

An empty bullet casing surrounded by little glass bullets symbolizing the people he knows who’ve been shot (including himself) and the people who will still be affected by gun violence.

In other news, a film crew from Toronto came to make a documentary about PTSD for the Canadian science show “The Nature of Things,” which Project FIRE is a part of. They filmed the guys working in the hot shop, and talked to them about their lives. We’re really excited for the documentary to come out, and we’ll keep you posted on its progress.


In addition to being amazing filmmakers, the crew provided us with some business. Pat is pictured below enjoying his new mug.

Pat Blue FireBlue Fire

If you’ve bought Project FIRE artwork, we want pictures! Tweet them at us (@projectfirechi) or email them to projectfirechi@gmail.com, with your name (if you wish), and we’ll publish them on our site. And if you haven’t yet stopped by, our store is open on Saturdays from 12-4.

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